4 Reasons to Develop a Progressive Web Application

When they are not visible on app stores so it’s not the best option for any business when customers are not visiting websites regularly as uses find it easier to download the PWA when they find it on home screen. It’s tricky to look for the efficient android application development company providing all features.

These are 4 points to consider before opting for PWA:

1. Cost of customer acquisition:

Progressive web applications are vital for businesses who want to lower the acquisition cost. It is not affordable for every organization to bear the huge acquisition cost that is demanded by native apps. The cost can be minimized to 10 times if we go for PWA.

2. Android Vs iOS

In current situation PWA is working better on chrome and Android and the credit goes to Google. But Apple is still struggling with its latest version iOS 11.3 as its missing a lot of features like splash screen, push notification, web app banner and support from the ONLY browser called Safari. So native app development should be considered if you don’t want Apple users to have below average experience on iOS with Safari combination and can’t wait for so long for Apple to introduce better Progressive Web Applications. So think about it!

3. Processing Requirement

Although progressive web applications can be accessed offine but it has to be kept in mind that it is only available in limited version. They work well for education portals, ecommerce platforms and other websites that can work for offine content. Native apps with be a better solution for the apps that need access to device resource for data processing and retrieving information.

4. Already Having a Mobile Optimized Website?

If your business website is already mobile optimized then development of progressive web application will not cost you that much as compared to developing the PWA from scratch.

Just ponder over all 5 points to find reasons to develop a Progressive web application for your business. For more details on Website Development Company in Singapore and other custom application development please visit us.

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