3 Ways to Get Traffic from Google In 2019

To be successful in online business a website has to rank higher in major search engines like Google. Everyone wants to get the massive traffic from the searches that can lead to higher conversion rate and thus more profitable the business is. There are few steps to follow to rank higher in Google. Content optimization & SEO with digital marketing agency are the two very import tools that can enhance your website visibility in SERP. But always remember your website is created for audience not for the bots. The more audience you can engage with your website the more popular you will be in search results.

3 Ways to Get Visitors to Your Website

  1. Paid Listing For Your Website

These are the search results that appear at the top & the bottom of result pages. Businesses pay for these results to be triggered when a user searches for specific keywords. You can see the paid results marked with ad icon at the top and bottom of result page. Google ad is an important tool if your business is new and competing with giant competitors who already own higher organic listing and huge traffic on their respective websites.

  • Organic Listing For the Website

Organic listing is displayed below Google Ads and local listings. There are a lot of factors that determine the ranking of the website in search results like website content, engagement, keyword relevance, website design and lot of other factors. Google organic ranking is determined by the crawler which is basically an algorithm to provide most relevant result when the user searches for any specific keyword. Search result depends on a lot of other factors like domain authority of the website, its external & internal linking and the age of the website.

  • Google Local Listing

It is often considered the most beneficial tool for small and local businesses. It has got higher chance of visibility as the business has to compete with the other entities of the same locality. Unlike organic listing it doesn’t have to fight with all other giants of similar trade triggered by the same set of keywords.  People searching locally are more intended to buy as they are much more specific in their search term and locality. So better the visibility in specific locality better the chances of conversion. Google provides this facility absolutely free. One just needs to register in local listing and create a business account which is needed to get verified to be visible in searches.

Small and medium organizations can also go for organic listing which is always beneficial for business in long run. With the efforts of search engine optimization the business can do well in organic searches as well.  There are a lot of free & paid tools available which can boost the organic ranking and can boost the traffic on your website.

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